Privacy policy for website


This website stores as little information as possible on cookies. Cookies are intended to facilitate the user experience on the site.

Customer register

You can register as a customer on the site. Customer information stores the information needed to log in, as well as any information related to obtaining digital products, such as license numbers, payment details, and order history.

The user always has the option of requesting a listing of information stored about him. By logging in to the system, the customer can also print all his personal information himself.

The user also has the option to delete his / her user account completely from the system. Deletion cannot be undone.

Software downloads

All digital material downloaded from this website is digitally signed with sertificate, that can be found for example from installation file in Publisher information:

Sertificate must be found from all files by looking at files properties:

Sertificate ensures, that the file comes from this website and it has not been tampered by someone or by virus after it was made.